The Complete Guide: How to keep mosquitoes away from your pool?

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The Complete Guide: How to keep mosquitoes away from your pool?

Let’s face it: We do not like mosquitoes. Even though most mosquitoes do not possess a real danger to human beings, some of them might carry diseases and viruses which might actually threaten our lives. Add to this the fact that a mosquito bite is never something pleasant – and there you have the main two reasons for us to not relate to those tiny creatures. 

Mosquitoes love water and everything that can provide humidity – hence, your pool is one of their favorite locations for spending their time. In case you have a pool, and you want to get rid of those irritating mosquitoes flying around it – this is the exact article for you to read. We will help you get them away from your pool, guaranteed. 

How to keep mosquitoes away from your pool – Main Practices 

Mosquitoes love water. They spend more than 70% of their life around water. At maturity, they will start biting and spreading potential diseases that could be, in some cases, dangerous for human beings. 

Do the following steps in order to protect your pool, your family, and yourself:

  1. Pool Cover –

    Keep your pool covered whenever it is not being used. Those exposed water are practically inviting those unwanted creatures and you do not want that! Your exposed pool seems to be a potential place for mosquitoes to lay their eggs and expand their families. Keeping your pool covered could most definitely help in your war against bugs, and mosquitoes particularly. There are many inventions and products that can be helpful in pool covering; a solar pool cover is one of them. The solar pool cover can help warm your pool and save you money and energy at the same time.

  2. Standing Water –

    Are you familiar with those small pieces of standing water on the floor next to your pool? After rain or a splashy swimming session, it might appear. The mosquitoes’ eggs could survive in standing water for months, and you should do everything in hand to dump standing water. Standing water could be an attractive place for mosquitoes to evolve and expand their breed, unlike moving water (e.g water fountains). Keep your water in motion, as much as possible, and you will see fewer mosquitoes around.


  3. Pool Maintainance –

    Cleaning your pool on a daily basis could be helpful. A clean pool is not attracting mosquitoes. Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford to clean the pool every day. In this case, you should aim to clean at least once or twice a week. Focus on cleaning the skimmers and filters and try to stick to strict pool maintenance and cleaning schedule. Your pool will be clean and mosquitoes will not be welcomed.


  4. Trees & Plants Protection –

    In case your pool is surrounded by any kind of plants or trees, you should focus there as well. The holes in your trees might be an attractive place for animals, in general. In case those holes contain any form of water – it will attract mosquitoes as well. There are many solutions to this problem you can look for, such as foam. Foam insulation will seal the hole while keeping your tree alive and harmless. In general, mosquitoes find wet grass and leaves very attractive. Cleaning your pool surroundings could be helpful as well. Remember, anything that might contain water or be moist – is something you want to hide or get rid of.

     5. Traps & Wind –

         As you may (Or may not) know, mosquitoes cannot fly through a fly wind. As the mosquitoes are not considered strong flyers, they could not pass a breeze created by a fan. This could get them away, too. In addition, there is a variety of mosquito traps you can use (e.g carbon dioxide) and some pest control materials to take into consideration. The best way is to consult with a professional who deals with pest control and mosquitoes in particular. 


By doing those five practices you will definitely notice the difference. Your pool will be mosquito-free, and you will be safe to use the pool and live your life without any mosquitoes-worries. Good luck! is a website that provides information on how to maintain and care for pools.

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